Secure IM

21 11 2014

I know that this a deviation from my series on virtualisation security, however I feel it’s worth it.

I think that the latest new about WhatsApp/Facebook deciding to implement Moxie Marlinspike’s TextSecure by default, is a very big step for the future of secure communication. Instant messaging is sometimes snubbed among enterprises as a technology that is more designed for social interactions and teenagers, however IM is now doing what email has failed to do transparently for years. Sending anything securely over email in 2014 is still an additional process is not part of the protocol. I am not naive enough to discount that multi-client communication might change IM’s ‘transparentness’, but it’s still a positive step. I think that this will really see an increase in the use of these technologies, with hopefully others following suite.

There is also the idea that once public key cryptography is more widely adopted among end users, it would not be out of the question to see users public keys stored in address books alongside addresses and birthdays.

Maybe the future isn’t going to be as dark as we thought.